our SHT holistic health journey membership is designed to empower you for an entire year, maybe even a lifetime, with constant learning and constant experience.  it includes our flagship SHT Real Foodie Masterclass 8-week progression, as well as classes, programs, and content delivered in a sequence that continually builds on itself ALL YEAR LONG.


you may join our SHT Membership in a few different ways.

  1. participate in one of our SHT progressions which gives you access for the duration of the program.
  2. sign up for the SHT membership below.
  3. join The CrossFit Combine and your CrossFit membership includes the SHT membership.


included in your membership.

this is always updating and getting better):

  • SHT Real Foodie Masterclass ($196 value)
  • SHT Lifestyle Progression ($89 value)
  • Hiking Camping 101 workshop ($20 value)
  • SHT Fat Loss program ($136 value)
  • Mediterranean SHT ($125 value)
  • Carnivore SHT ($125 value)
  • Strategic Detox ($96 value)
  • 13.5 Days to Sleeping Like a Champ ($29 value)
  • 29 Days of Mindfulness ($49 value)
  • Natural Solutions workshop ($20 value)
  • SuperHuman Goal Setting ($39 value)
  • an amazing Facebook group community (infinite value :⁠)
  • an amazing local and online community of support(infinite value :⁠)
  • and anything and everything else we come up with!

all access to online seminars released throughout the year

  • I Feel Freakin’ Amazing and my Cholesterol Went Up!
    cholesterol, inflammatory markers and all you need to know
  • Advanced Food Quality Concepts
  • Basics of Autoimmune
  • Nutrients, Toxicity and Cancer


all access to our member-only perks and Community Partners, which continues to grow!

  • you receive a personalized digital SHT membership card.
  • you receive access to our list of discounts and perks.


exclusive invites to special events including but not limited to:

  • retreats and vacations.
  • hiking and camping trips.
  • potlucks, dinners, social gatherins.