this is an annual membership that comes with an entire year of nutrition and lifestyle programs to support you along your holistic health journey. for a nominal monthly fee, not only will you have access to our online SHT 5.0 10-week progression, you’ll also have access to everything else we offer digitally throughout the year. after watching this short video, scroll down to see the programs included in the online membership. if you’re only interested in the online SHT 5.0 10-week progression, you’ll find a la carte information below.

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Online SHT 10-Week Progression Details

(included in membership)

Included for each SuperHuman

the following applies to every paid participant:

  • 6 main educational videos x 1.5hrs every 2 weeks x 2 separate meetings = 3 hrs of instruction every 2 weeks.
  • in-between YouTube “quests” which will hone and improve your food, lifestyle, and community skills.
  • in-between blog posts, videos, and documentaries to support the information learned in the meetings.
  • before and after comprehensive Symptom Analysis
  • comprehensive manual, guide and journal.
  • shopping lists and other supportive documents.

Online Progression Details

this is a 10-week online progression kicking off January 13, 2018, with meetings every 2 weeks for a total of 6 meetings.

here’s a list of all the meeting topics.  also, check out the calendar tab for a list of ALL our other supportive meetings and classes.  you will have access to online versions of all this:

    • our definition of real food = Five Food Groups.
    • how to structure daily eating = Ideal Day’s Meals.
    • the importance of balancing your macros.
    • power of gratitude in your morning process.
    • maximizing #selfsufficiency and fat burning.
    • eating around fitness and training.
    • supplementation recommendations.
    • setting circadian rhythms with #operationlightsout.
    • why we should always minerlize our water.
    • introduction to meditation with a focus on present moment sounds.
    • what is low-carb? and how to do it safely and effectively.
    • setting circadian rhythms with sun exposure and being outdoors.
    • benefits of grounding outdoors.
    • meditation with a focus on feeling the inner body.
    • noticing and catching synchronicities and what they mean :)
    • basics of a cleanse and elimination diet.
    • reintroducing #safestarches and learning self-testing techniques.
    • introduction to strategic fasting.
    • meditation with a focus on the breath.
    • benefits of full-fat dairy.
    • further self testing to test our tolerance for full-fat dairy, nuts, and seeds.
    • how to properly prepare nuts and seeds for consumption.
    • closing review and final concepts.
    • how to use our rotational calendar to optimize results after the SHT.
    • award certificates of completion, and recognize stellar performance!

meetings will be emailed in an online video format.  each meeting will last approximately 1.5 hours.  each meeting will cover a grading process for the previous 2 weeks, cover new educational topics, and cover the new goals for the following 2 weeks.  2 weeks later, you will receive the next online video meeting.  in between meeting videos you will receive supportive and bonus content including quests, blog posts, and documentaries to support the concepts learned during the main online meetings.

download our SHT details PDF.

Educational Topics

  • eating for maximum energy levels throughout the day.
  • training the body to be self-sufficient with energy.
  • experimenting with a low-carb approach safely and effectively.
  • learning how to test your tolerance for starches, sugars, dairy products, nuts, seeds, and legumes.
  • strategic fasting techniques that are healthy for the body, strengthen digestion, maximize energy levels, and maximize fat loss.
  • fat loss strategies in the context of being SuperHuman.
  • biohacks for improving energy levels throughout the day, maximizing sleep at night, and optimizing hormonal patterns.
  • how to maximize the benefits of grounding and being outdoors.
  • how to develop your own personal morning process, which includes gratitude, meditation, and envisioning using goals and affirmations, to support you in creating the life of your dreams.
  • how to meditate using several different techniques.
  • how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life.
  • cultivating a sense of community with our other SuperHumans.

Calendar of Events

use the calendar below to look for more dates starting in January 2018.

these dates mainly apply to our local progression, but you will still receive the information!

mark your calendar for all these special events!  challenge specific events are in red, so REMEMBER TO BLOCK THESE TIMES OUT NOW :)  other events are highly encouraged to help strengthen your knowledge and bond with our community!  for online participants, most calendar events will have associated video versions emailed at approximately the same time.

Online SHT Membership Details

SHT 10-week progression ($369 value)

flagship, foundational program, 10 weeks of information, meetings every 2 weeks, where we learn the basics of our foundations.

Hiking Camping Outdoors 101 workshop ($46 value)

video workshop where we discuss considerations for various types of hikes, what to bring camping, equipment considerations, and how to enjoy the outdoors and get the most benefit.

SuperFoods workshop ($63 value)

there are certain nutrient-dense powerhouses that we should all be consuming periodically. learn the importance of fermented produce, fermented drinks such as kombucha, bone stock, egg yolks, organ meats, shellfish and butter. get close-to hands-on experience by watching us demo bone stock, fermented vegetables, and kombucha.  learn everything you need to ferment now.

SHT Purist & Fat Loss program ($196 value)

this is a 6-week progression, designed to bring you back to the vibrancy, mental clarity, emotional stability, and body composition that comes with being a real food purist. we will be going back to the basics! and controlling for factors we know are an issue for many of us. and that we know contribute to body composition changes. this is SHT on a purist level!

#StrategicDetox ($96 value)

learn how to detox the right way – #StrategicDetox! 1 hour will give you all the tools you need to detox for life. this is a 2 week progression!

SHT Refresher Course ($66 value)

this video meeting is designed to bring you from wherever you are, BACK to the basics, and back to the community of support that is always here for you.  at this meeting, a review of all our foundational principles. moderation guidelines and guides for specific foods such as real food, approved SHT items, and how often and how much you may want to allow these things in.

includes a maintenance journal and guide with concepts and 3 months of journaling, so you can stay on track each and every day.  includes “eating for badassery” diligence calendar to keep you accountable with our moderation guidelines.

13.5 Days to Sleeping Like a Freakin’ Champ ($29 value)

2 weeks of content dripped out daily! you will know more about sleep than anyone else you will meet in your entire life!!!

29 Days of Mindfulness ($49 value)

29 days of concepts and practice! we email videos and content most days, sometimes every other day. we discuss mindfulness concepts and go thru practice meditation sessions so that you come out of this program comfortable with meditation and understanding how to implement mindfulness in your daily life.

21 Days of Gratitude ($29 value)

In our 21 Days of Gratitude and Self Reflection, you will receive an email, each day for 21 days, discussing the day’s gratitude/self-reflection focus. There will be a gratitude focus for the morning, self reflection questions to be journaled, as well as an evening reflection.

Natural Solutions workshop ($66 value)

in this online class we discuss the importance of having non-toxic, natural solutions for home cleaning, over-the-counter medications, make-up, and much more!

SuperHuman Goal Setting ($39 value)

not your typical goal setting class!  we will discuss the properties of the Unconscious Mind, how the UM and conscious mind connect, and what we can do to have the most powerful impact so that we can manifest the life of our dreams.

10% off private programs and services

  • Private maintenance sessions (1 hour al la carte)
  • Autoimmune Protocol ( 6-8 weeks)
  • Holistic Fertility (4-6 weeks)
  • Biohacking / Ketogenic (6 weeks)
  • Athlete Protocol (4-6 weeks)

feeling amazing

increased energy

improved sleep

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Online SHT 5.0 Only

$ 369 / One Time Payment Includes

6 main educational videos x 1.5hrs / every 2 weeks
real food prep video
virtual Whole Foods shopping tour
 Natural Solutions workshop video
 in-between YouTube challenge “quests”
 before and after Symptom Analysis
 SHT 5.0 manual and journal
 comprehensive shopping lists
 SHT folder with other handouts
 Download our SHT details PDF

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Online SHT Membership

$ 39 / Per Month for 12 Months

Includes everything in Online SHT, PLUS:

SHT 10-week progression ($369 value)
Hiking Camping 101 ($46 value)
SuperFoods class ($63 value)
SHT Purist & Fat Loss program ($196 value)
#StrategicDetox ($96 value)
SHT Refresher Course ($66 value)
13.5 Days to Sleeping Like a Champ ($29 value)
29 Days of Mindfulness ($49 value)
21 Days of Gratitude ($29 value)
Natural Solutions ($66 value)
SuperHuman Goal Setting ($39 value)
Access to online seminars released throughout the year
10% off of private programs and services
 Access to our mobile SHT app
10% off all products, supplements, and memorabilia
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