what is the SuperHuman Transformation?

the SuperHuman Transformation (SHT) is a 10-week progression that takes you through a massive re-education process, focusing on our foundational principles:

  • holistic nutrition (real food)
  • functional fitness (we recommend modalities and facilities, we do not train in the challenge)
  • setting circadian rhythms (for hormonal balance, improved sleep, improved energy)
  • grounding / earthing
  • mindfulness & meditation
  • cultivating a sense of community

we hold educational meetings every 2 weeks, lasting about 1 to 1.5 hours, where we cover a ton of information addressing all these areas.  at the end of each meeting, we cover temporary goals for the following 2 weeks.  then, we go forth and implement our new goals.  we journal each and every day, documenting our food, and checking off certain lifestyle requirements.  we regroup after 2 weeks to learn NEW information, and have NEW goals for the following 2 weeks.  we continue to meet and make changes to the diet and lifestyle factors, so that at the end of 10 weeks, we are completely transformed from the inside out, completely reeducated, and completely SuperHuman.

nutrition (learning about real food) is a HUGE component of this program.  because most of us are completely clueless when it comes to eating properly.  even those of us committed to “real food” have a hard time figuring out what this actually means!  so we spend a lot of time learning about real food.  at our biweekly meetings you will learn powerful food concepts.  you learn how to structure your daily eating to achieve maximum energy levels, and improve markers in all areas of your life.  you learn how to test your body for sugars, #safestarches, #fullfatdairy, hard-shelled nuts & seeds, and #properlypreparedlegumes.  you experiment with low-carb, #strategicfasting techniques, a #strategicdetox protocol, fatloss strategies, and smart supplementation.  you come out of this program knowing more about food than just about anyone you will come across in the rest of your life.

functional fitness is an extremely synergistic with all our other foundations.  in fact, it is crucial.  this is where you will see the most dramatic change – combining real food principles with functional fitness, strength training, and conditioning.  any fitness is better than not doing anything at all.  we recommend finding a functional fitness facility near you, that incorporates strength, conditioning, and mobility, into a community-based workout.  we love CrossFit.  you can search for a CrossFit affiliate near you, or you can use this CrossFit affiliate map.  if you live in Las Vegas, our home base and our favorite facility is The CrossFit Combine.  if you live somewhere close, we highly recommend you come visit us.

lifestyle factors that we consider important and synergistic with real food and functional fitness are setting circadian rhythms, getting adequate sun exposure, improving sleep, grounding (or earthing), and dealing with stress.  we learn about mindfulness and meditation, and experiment with a daily, personal process, designed to help you consciously create your future.

when and where are the meetings?

remember we have 2 options for joining an SHT – local or online.

  1. local.  for those who live in Las Vegas and surrounding areas and can make it to our office @ 2402 N. Tenaya Way, 89128, every 2 weeks for the duration of the progression.
  2. online.  for those who do NOT live in Las Vegas, OR who cannot make the meetings and would prefer an online video-based version of the program.

please hover over “empower me NOW” to choose between local or online.

what if I have to miss a meeting here and there?

if you’re signing up for the local SHT, after every meeting everyone is emailed the new goals, new documents, and new information for the following 2 weeks. we will also send out a video version of the meeting – either the meeting video recorded, OR a narrated version of the presentation will be recorded. so yes, you can miss meetings and you will still get the information. HOWEVER – making the meetings is crucial because they are where the magic happens. they are far more dynamic and interactive than reading an email and watching a video at home.

if you’re signing up for the online SHT, all of your content is delivered digitally.  we’d highly recommend that you keep the schedule we set by watching the videos as they come out, and implementing the goals soon after, so that you stay on the 10-week progression timeline.  if you’re doing the membership, additional content will be sent out according to a schedule we feel is extremely beneficial, so again, try to keep up with the videos and programs as they come out.

if I sign up for local, do I have to make all the meetings and/or classes? or can I pick and choose?

with local SHT and/or local membership, you have access to all the local meetings, classes, workshops and programs.  AND you’ll also have access to the online versions of them all.  which means, if you can’t make a meeting, it’s totally fine because you’ll ALWAYS have access to the online versions.  AND we do recommend coming to as many events as you can!

how will I measure progress, and how am I assessed or graded?

we recommend doing initial measurements before the progression begins (which we show you how to do with a video), and then ditching the scale for the duration of the program.  the scale says close to nothing about health. scale weight can be impacted by so many different things such as the distribution of muscle to fat to bone to other tissues, hydration status, whether you’re low-carb or high carb, etc.  and the scale will NOT tell you about your physiological and mental / emotional changes, which are some of the most profound and powerful.

your best indicators for progress? how do you look, feel, and perform. let’s start associating health with how good we feel. how we feel in our clothes. how our body feels. how we look in the mirror. and how we look to others. our strongest indicators of health and therefore measuring progress:

  • how do you feel? the biggest indicator for health!
  • how do you sleep? sleep patterns should improve as you do more of the right things. poor sleep patterns are indicators that something needs to change.
  • how was your day? look back over your day. in general, the better you feel, the better your health, the better your days! and if they aren’t, then ask the question, why not?
  • how was your mood and emotions? believe it – your mood and emotions are strong indicators for health. all of the hormones that make you feel good have nutritional precursors, and are inhibited by toxins. your mood and emotions are also impacted by all our foundations.
  • how was your mental clarity and focus? addressing all our foundations should equate to better brain function.
  • how was your energy? as your body learns to assimilate nutrients properly, as you learn to time your macronutrients properly, as your body learns to create energy, and as you address our other foundations, you should notice your energy levels increase and become more consistent.
  • how was your digestion? real food, proper timing of macros, nurturing natural space, and addressing our other foundations should strengthen your digestion.
  • how was your skin? did you know your skin is an organ? and it’s extremely reflective of digestive health and toxicity status? pay attention to how your skin looks and feels! it should feel soft, supple, elastic, and it should be relatively free of blemishes and pimples.
  • how did your body composition look and feel to yourself? without weigh- ing yourself, assess your body composition based on how you look and how you feel! intuitively and in your clothes.
  • how is your performance? as you become healthier and more vibrant, performance on all levels should improve, including conditioning, strength, endurance, and mobility.
  • what are others saying about you? one of our favorite indicators! others should be noticing beneficial changes in you!

we also recommend the following:

  • we send out a video on how to take your own before pictures, body measurements, and other biomarkers that we may want to consider tracking.  you will receive this information before beginning your transformation.
  • we also recommend looking at DexaFit for extremely accurate body composition measurements.  visit https://www.dexafit.com/ for details.  if you lie in Las Vegas, we have a partnership with DexaFit Las Vegas where you can get 2 comprehensive scans for the price of 1.  mention that you are with Paul C. Tijerina and the SHT program, or if a member, show your SHT membership card.
  • we conduct before and after professional Symptom Analysis by Paul C. Tijerina, LLC.  this will be an emailed symptom questionnaire that you take before and after the progression.
  • we will document subjective markers important to YOU, that YOU would like to see change over the course of the 10-week progression, and we will periodically check back on these markers to see how they are shifting.
  • at each meeting, we will go through a grading assessment based on diligence.  this grading assessment will be based on how diligent you are with the progression – how many days you journal, how many of the daily goals you “check off” in the guide, and so on.  

we have many ways to measure progress.  we are on a lifelong journey seeking vibrant, optimal health.  the most important thing is for you to be diligent with the progressions and the weekly goals, and to NOT be focused on numbers, but rather DO be focused on how you look, feel, and perform, and how diligent you are being with the progression.  when you are diligent, when you have the right focus, your transformation is absolutely guaranteed.

can I see any testimonials?

of course!  we’re constantly updating this information.  for now check out the following:

what if I don’t do the CrossFit? what is the fitness component?

any fitness is better than not doing anything at all.  if you’re completely new to fitness, you can start by simply walking a couple of times a day.  ideally yo would move towards structured classes with instruction from someone well-versed in functional training.  we highly recommend trying CrossFit.  other good options are boot camps

how do I sign up?

hover over empower me NOW page for a list of current challenges.

you may also email us at empowerme@paulctijerina.com, or call or text us at (702) 546-6098.

what kind of support can I expect?

Facebook group.  once you begin your transformation, we will add you to our Facebook group SuperHumans United.  this is a PLETHORA of information and support.  we have hundreds of posts on recipes, progression questions, and motivational support.  plus we have a whole community of SuperHumans there to support you.

SHT application.  we’re excited to launch our new SHT application!  this app has daily diligence grading, a recipe resource, and a social media feed.  you will have access to the application once you join our program.

meetings, videos, and other content.  this program is very educational.  we learn a lot at our main meetings.  and then we have simple, realistic, and reasonable goals for the time in between the main meetings.  in between the main meetings you are still receiving additional content and bonus material, all designed to support you in moving forward.

our main office.  you can always reach out with questions, feedback, or concerns.

our community.  our Facebook group is a great place to post questions or ask for support.  if not on social media, you can post questions in our SHT application.  you’ll be connecting with other SuperHumans as you go thru the process.

I heard you recommend essential oils? what role do they play?

one of our foundations is having natural solutions for your home.  this includes using essential oils for symptomatic support, for emotional support, and for alternatives for the home that are non-toxic.  we also have many other recommendations for making your home more “natural” that includes essential oils, but also includes non-toxic alternatives for detergents and cleaning products.

to learn more about essential oils, we’d recommend going thru the following information:

  1. what is an essential oil?
  2. why do we choose doTERRA?
  3. how do I use essential oils?

do you provide meal plans or share recipes?

great question!  we teach you how to eat real food, for a lifetime.  we teach you WHAT is real food, we teach you WHEN to time your meals and certain macronutrients, and we teach you HOW to customize your way of eating using all kinds of strategies.

we do not provide “meal plans” per se because we see real food eating as being much more simplistic, elegant, and intuitive.  we do, however, have a ton of people who have been thru this progression, and a ton of people still living and breathing our principles each and every day!

if you need inspiration for recipes, I would first search our main blog at http://paulctijerina.com.  when you become a member of our Facebook group, you can search SuperHumans United for just about any food term and come up with many different recipes.  when looking for an approved recipe, you can always look for “paleo” or “primal,” but understand, our way of eating is much more comprehensive and trumps any other methodology.

can I do this as a vegan or vegetarian?

if you’re an octo, lacto (or both) vegetarian, and if you’re open to some fish oil supplementation, you’ll do just fine.  we’d recommend reading one of our favorite books on the topic, The Vegetarian Myth.  this book is extremely compassionate and discusses all considerations for going vegan or vegetarian.  the author is a 22-year vegan, with an extremely compassionate story.  we would highly recommend reading this book for your own educational purposes.

we advocate an omnivorous, balanced way of eating.

  • we recommend 100%, fresh, real food, which includes a balance of plant matter, meats, healthy fats, natural sugars, natural starches, and full-fat dairy products if tolerated.
  • we advocate learning about food quality and making better choices that are not just good for all living things including plants AND animals, but also good for the environment and sustainability.

  • our way is not just about WHAT is real food. it’s about HOW to do real food. it’s about understanding WHY real food is beneficial, and WHAT real food choices can have a beneficial impact on our health as well as the rest of the world.

  • we are loving and compassionate real-foodies to the core. we honor and cherish all life forms that become a part of our substance. they help us contribute to the greater good by making us feel as amazing as possible.