rediscover how we were meant to live.

we offer empowerment through education on our foundations for health.

our core foundations

holistic real food

you will be very happy to know that you will never have to question what or how you are supposed to eat, ever again

simplicity & elegance

looking at life with an intention of simplicity & elegance is a way to rid ourselves of excess and complication

functional fitness

flexibly stabilize your metabolic and cardiovascular state as you remember how to move as we were meant to move

circadian rhythms

greatly improve your vital energy throughout the day, sleep much better at night, and optimize hormonal balance

grounding & nature

deeply connecting with the earth in its raw and unfiltered glory has measurable physiological and emotional effects

meditation & mindfulness

how to use your mind, instead of your mind using you, letting go and unlearning everything you thought you knew

and of course, cultivating community!

we LOVE all the people we’ve worked with.  and they love each other. all of our support is community driven through local events, online social media, 
and other technologies.